The Iron Inn
13 Victoria Road,  Ruislip Manor,
Middlesex. HA4 9AA

Iron Inn

Get straightened out at the Iron Inn!

Gwen Newton is the Managing Director and currently has a team of around 15 staff. Gwen covers the Reception daily. She can also be seen out delivering in one of the vans when covering staff holidays.


Jacqui and June are our two Receptionists who are usually the first people you will speak to. Both have been with the Iron Inn for some years now and will be able to help you with any queries you may have.

iiwork.gif (85620 bytes) The rest of the staff make up the team of Ironers, most whom have been with us now for some years. Luckily they all find the job therapeutic and have no problem in undertaking what some considered to be such a laborious task!
Dave & Nicole are our regular drivers who operate the pick up and delivery service.
The Ironers' Ball 2004 - a Christmas get together!