The Iron Inn
13 Victoria Road,  Ruislip Manor,
Middlesex. HA4 9AA

Iron Inn

Get straightened out at the Iron Inn!

Every shirt, skirt, top or pair of trousers will be returned hung and covered, T shirts, bed linen and smaller items will be carefully folded and packed in durable polythene bags.
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Specialist instructions can also be taken in care such as no creases in sleeves etc.
If you would like your garments all hung or all folded there is no extra charge, just put
a note on the bag.

There is also a Dry Cleaning and Repair Service which can usually return items in 24 hours.

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For more valuable garments Iron Inn can undertake invisible mending where the fabric is
re-woven to reduce the appearance of damage.

Specialist items such as leather and suede can also be dealt with at competitive prices.